Renowned as much for their expressiveness, and vitality as for their integrity and precision, Masques is an ensemble which fully embodies the dynamic spirit of the Baroque.
“…we are reminded of the greatest years of Musica Antiqua Köln…”
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Early music course in Cluny – 5 to 9 July 2021 

Olivier Fortin, harpsichord & basso continuo
Skip Sempé, harpsichord & basso continuo
Marcia Hadjimarkos, clavichord
Julien Martin, recorder
Josh Cheatham, viola da gamba

For the first time since its establishment in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, the Ensemble Masques, directed by Olivier Fortin, is offering an early music workshop in the town of Cluny where it is based.
The course is aimed at students of the 3rd cycle of conservatory or equivalent. The organisation of the days will give the students the opportunity to work on music in an ensemble (duos, trios, flute ensemble…).

Participation in the course is free for accepted students. However, a registration fee of 30 euros is required for each participant. Auditors are accepted subject to availability. Registrations will be received by e-mail at the following address :
They must be accompanied by a few lines about the training and the musical background. Before 5 June for trainees and before 1 July for auditors. 

Ensemble Masques is 8th in the 2019 classical live export charts!

Every year, Le Bureau Export highlights the ‘made in France’ artists who have made their mark on the world. For the first time, Le Bureau Export publishes jointly the export certifications and the live charts, illustrating respectively the performances of the phonographic production and the production of shows for export. These rankings highlight the artists who have marked the year 2019 internationally.

Last year was a particularly dynamic and rich year for ‘made in France’ music. The 121 export certifications awarded and the 5,553 international dates recorded in 2019 alone bear witness to this. Whether French or foreign, each of these export champions is accompanied by a French structure and contributes to the dynamism of the French music industry.

The Mécénat Musical Société Générale is the main partner of the Ensemble Masques for the creation of its new project Métamorphoses: myths, music and movements.

Ovid’s Metamorphoses describes the creation and history of the world, incorporating many of the best-known and most beloved stories from Greek mythology. Each story contains the story of a transformation. In the 17th and 18th centuries, this collection was the best-known source of mythological legends and its stories were then commonly adapted into operas (lyrical tragedies). For this new project, Olivier Fortin extracted five poems from the collection related to lyrical tragedies or to musical pieces on the same subject. On stage : ten musicians, three circus performers and an actor.

July 2020: residency at the ARC, scène nationale du Creusot (71), with the help of the Cité de la Voix and the ARC.

July 2021: creation at the Saline Royale d’ Arc-et-Senans, with the support of the Société Générale Musical Patronage, the project’s main partner.


L’Ensemble Masques is a member of FEVIS  and Bureau Export

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