“L’Échappée”, itinerant stage in French Burgundy. 

Olivier Fortin and the Ensemble Masques propose an original and innovative diffusion tool: a truck transformed into a performance hall.

L’Echappée is a cultural support solution for municipalities, institutions and structures that do not have the necessary facilities. It also allows theaters, National Scenes or festivals to leave their usual place of diffusion and to use this “concert truck” as a complementary device for distant audiences and/or within the framework of cultural actions “outside the walls”.

The stage is adorned with a magnificent décor created by the École d’Art Mural de Versailles, based on plans by Andreas Linos.

Credit photo : Louise Durel Photographies

L'intérieur de l'Échappée, un semi-remorque transformé en salle de spectacles.

Their impressions of l’Échappée

They attended a concert in L’Échappée and share their first impressions!

I’m really glad I came. It’s really original in every way. You don’t expect that when you get into a truck. It’s very well decorated, I loved the concert. It was very beautiful and I think the acoustics are great. I had a nice evening.

Françoise, resident of Sanvignes-les-Mines

Journal de la Saône-et-Loire, November 10th, 2021

I love French baroque music, we had very different things and I loved it. As for the truck, I was very surprised by this setting. It is really a beautiful realization. The sound is good with all this wood. I liked the decoration, I felt at ease right away.

Éric, resident of Ciry-le-Noble

Journal de la Saône-et-Loire, November 10th, 2021

I am used to churches, chapels or concert halls, but never a truck. To play baroque music in a truck is not ordinary […] The acoustic quality is very good, it surprised me a lot and the stage is pleasant and very beautiful. It is for me a funny experience and a real pleasure!

Josh Cheatham, gambist with the Ensemble Masques

Journal de la Saône-et-Loire, November 10th, 2021

From 38 people indoors to an unlimited outdoor configuration

Made by specialists, this concert truck offers beautiful acoustics for both indoor and outdoor performances.

The room has a capacity of 38 people in an “indoor” configuration allowing easy access for people with reduced mobility. It will soon be equipped with a video projection system. A large lateral opening allows a configuration in which the public is seated outside while the artists occupy the stage. An integrated amplification system allows a quality acoustic diffusion.


Julien Mailland
production manager

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