Telemann was a master of the French style. As the prolific composer wrote in his autobiography, “I set out to look for the work of Lully, Campra and other good masters, almost exclusively in their style, so that in two years I had no less than two hundred Overtures.” The “Overtures” in question are his Theatrical Overture-Suites, which are featured in this programme recorded by Masques for ALPHA Classics. But French music is merely the jumping-off point for works that encompass anything and everything that touched Telemann’s imagination. Be it literature, folklore, street music, geography, or even the weather, everything was fair game to this baroque genius, who was a brilliant observer of the world around him. Masques brings to life all facets of human experience captured by Telemann in music that is full of tenderness, wit, theatre and infinite invention.


Ensemble Masques Sophie Gent, violin Tuomo Suni, violn Kathleen Kajioka, viola Mélisande Corriveau, bass viol Benoît Vanden Bemden, violone
Olivier Fortin, harpsichord


First part Ouverture – suite in A Major TWV 55:A1 – Ouverture – Branle – Gaillarde – Sarabande – Réjouissance – Passepied – Canarie Ouverture – Suite “Les Nations” TWV 55:B5 – Ouverture – Menuet I (alternativement) / Menuet II. Doucement – Les Turcs – Les Suisses – Les Moscovites – Les Portugais – Les Boiteux – Les Coureurs
Second part Concerto polonois TWV 43:G7 – Dolce – Allegro – Largo – Allegro Ouverture – Suite “Burlesque de Quixotte” TWV 55:G10 – Ouverture – Le Réveil de Quichotte – Son attaque de moulins à vent – Ses soupirs amoureux après la Princesse Dulcinée – Sanche Panse berné – Le Galope de Rosinante – Celui d’ane de Sanche – Le couché de Quichotte


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