The Grand Tour was a fashionable way for young 18th century aristocrats — mainly British — to broaden their minds. To travel across Europe and gain exposure to its wide ranging views, ideas, art and customs, was considered a finishing element of a proper education. Inspired by this tradition, Masques offers a concert that transports the listener on a musical voyage which includes stops in the great cities of France, Italy and Germany, where works by Rameau, Couperin, Vivaldi, Bach and Telemann were performed. Guided by the words of those very travellers, this program not only situates the music in its creative context, but also sheds new light on the period and places visited. Talented actor Julien CAMPANI, brings excerpts of original correspondence to life, and shares with the public some delicious contemporary anecdotes about the places, composers, inhabitants and landscapes of 18th century Europe.


7 musicians
1 actor / narrator


First part I. ENGLAND & CHANNEL CROSSING Henry PURCELL (1659-1695) – Overture (Abdelazer,1695) – Rondeau – 2nd Act Tune – Aire Marin MARAIS (1656-1728) Excerpts from Alcione, 1706 – Tempête – Chaconne II. PARIS & VERSAILLES Jean Baptiste Lully (1632-1687) – Ouverture from Phaeton, 1683 Michel CORRETTE (1707-1795) – Allegro (Sonate op.20 n. 2 from Les délices de la solitude) André CAMPRA (1660-1744) Excerpts from l’Europe Galante, 1697 – Air pour les plaisirs – Passepieds Michel-Richard DELALANDE (1657-1726) – Chaconne (Les Fontaines de Versailles,1683) Marin MARAIS – Marche pour les bergers et les bergères (Alcione) Jean-Philippe RAMEAU (1683-1764) – Le Vézinet (Pièces de clavecin en concerts, 1741) Michel CORRETTE (1707-1795) – Les Sauvages
Second part III. VENISE & ROME Claudio MONTEVERDI (1567-1643) – Sanctorum meritis Primo (Selva Morale e Spirituale) Tomaso ALBINONI (1671-1751) Excerpts from Sinfonia a cinque op. 2 in G Major – Grave-adagio – Allegro Antonio VIVALDI (1678-1741) Concerto for strings in G Major RV 157 – Allegro Alessandro MARCELLO (1684-1750) Concerto for oboe in D Minor S.Z 799 – Adagio – Presto Arcangelo CORELLI (1653-1713) Excerpts from the Concerto Grosso in D Majorr, Opus 6, Nr. 1 – Allegro – Allegro IV. GERMANY G.P. TELEMANN (1681-1767) Excerpts from suite « Les Nations » TWV 55:B5 – les Moscovites – les Suisses – Les Portuguais J.S. BACH (1685-1750) – Sinfonia, Die Elenden sollen essen, BWV 75



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